Activities To Strengthen Parent-child Relationships

It is important to have a strong relationship with your child because it directly impact your child’s development. Children develop attachments to those who meet their needs. Thus, when a child forms a strong relationship with their parents their needs are being met and the relationship creates an environment that promotes physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Healthy relationships and interpersonal interactions help the brain to release chemicals that regulate brain functions and effects a child’s development.

Activities that strengthen bonds…
– Volunteer together (Soup Kitchen, Humane Society)
– Go out to eat (Picnic, Ice Cream)
– Go to the Store (Book Store, Thrift Sore, Window Shopping)
– Play games (Hide and Seek, Batting Cages, Mini-golf)
– Cook together (Cookies, Pizza, Salad)
– Enjoy nature (Park, Watch Sunset, Stargaze, Fish)
– Chores (Wash the Dog, Wash the Car, Rake Leaves)
– Start a hobby (Rock Collecting, Music Collection, Baseball Cards)
– Visit places (Farm, Museum, Movie Theater)


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