Conscious Discipline – Key Phrases

Problem-solving / Connection / Safety

Skill of Empathy

“Your face is going like this. You seem ______. Something happened? You wanted ______. It’s hard. Breathe with me. You can handle it.”

Skill of Consequences: imposed

“You have a choice. You can choose to ______ and _______, or you can choose to ______ and ______. I can see by your actions that you have chosen to ________.”

Skill of Positive Intent

“You wanted ____, so you _______. You didn’t know what else to do. You may not ______, ______ hurts. When you _______, say _________.”

Skill of Encouragement

“You ______, so _______. That was helpful. Good for you! Way to go! You did it!”

Skill of Assertiveness: Adult

Say the childs name and the action you would like them to do. Describe the action with desired behavior in great detail.

Skill of Assertiveness: Child

“Did you like it? Tell your friend, ‘I don’t like it when you______, Please_______?”

Skill of Choice

“It’s time to ______. You may ______ or _______. Which is best for you?”

Skill of Composure

“You’re safe. Breathe with me. You can handle this. Smile. Take a deep breath, and relax.”

Safe Keeper Job

“My job is to keep you safe. Your job is to help keep it safe.”


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